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with Camps, Water Sources, and Points of Interest
for Ventana/SilverPeak wilderness explorers

Trail & camp locations are incorrect on many maps of the Big Sur Ventana & Silver Peak wilderness areas!  (USGS example) This Big Sur Trailmap provides accurate trail and camp locations based on local knowledge (GPS'd), plus locally-known "use trails", seasonal water sources, waterfalls, and other features in Big Sur state parks and wilderness areas.  Created by a Big Sur explorer, updated weekly from local reports. 

Wilderness hikers: 
  Wilderness trails are not park-like walking trails !
Additional knowledge/preparation often required
A wilderness trail may not be signed or passable or followable   click
Know the current trail conditions rating   click
Average Forest Trail Conditions = 67%  [Pre2016Wildfire=74%: history]
The trails need YOU - do good while outdoors:  trailcrew outings

July 28:  Smartphone PDF app users:  Large geospatial PDF maps now available  

STATUS:  (currently applicable)
Extreme-danger fire restrictions:  no stoves in backcountry, no fires anywhere   click
National Forest closures:  3 wilderness trails are closed   click
State Park closures:  many trails are officially closed  (but some are hikeable)   click
Road closure:  (only!) Palo Colorado Road remains closed   click

View the interactive wilderness trail conditions map 

Colors show trailg conditions - can switch to "Trailmap" for details view

View the interactive Quadrangle Trailmap  

USGS quadrangle map provides context and terrain contours
(why Gmap4 maps can no longer be utilized)

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Trails, camps, etc. on printable PDF USGS quadrangle map

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Multiple options available, depending upon the app

Download a Garmin-format Trailmap for your GPS 

Routable, so along-trail distance-to-go can be viewed as you hike

Download a Trailmap link for your PC's "Google Earth" 

Saving this GE link to "My Places" loads latest trailmap at GE start

Compute route metrics between two locations 

Cool Grin   For mileage & cumulative gain+loss
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(what icons & line colors show) 

(those who have given time or data) 

(culled from other websites) 

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(trails, camps, USGS names, etc - gives description and location map) 

(Personal-use-only copyright - not to be promulgated to public source ala OpenStreetMap/GaiaCloud)

(USGS quads, wilderness areas, Soberanes wildfire area) 

(Lat/Lon OR UTM OR Section/Township/Range) 

Latest blog post:  State of the trails - trailcrew vs nature

(burn and closure perimeter data)

(includes historical trail maps)

If you have something to contribute or find an error, please post to the   Trailmap contributions help others and will be credited, besides building good trail karma and becoming a  

Jack Glendening

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