Big Sur Ventana/SilverPeak Trailmap

Interactive Wilderness Trail Conditions Map
Based on VWA Trail Reports
Click on a trail for its conditions summary or to read/submit a trail report
Info popup also gives trail distances+gain/loss on "Metrics" tab
Note date of latest report - if old, conditions may have changed !
Please contribute by submiting a trail report after your hike
Many VWA Trail Reports for the Soberanes wildfire burn area (magenta/brown area on map) are pre-2017 and so pre-fire and now unreliable.    My ratings are based upon available post-fire reports, including private reports - but must be guesses for areas with no reports.  Expect degraded trail conditions within the burn area.

Ratings:  use my distillation of the VWA (Ventana Wilderness Alliance) Trail Reports, and off-web reports to parse out different ratings for different trail sections - use at your own discretion!  In these ratings I consider "defined tread" more important than "clear of brush", since knowing where the route lies is more important than the ease of following it.  The map is updated weekly based on latest trail reports, but the indicated condition of any trail depends upon the date of its last trail report!

Thin lines:  are unrated, shown only to supply context:  dark green = trail, brown = dirt road, gray = paved road, and black = closed trail/road. 

Magenta overlay:  indicates Soberanes Wildfire burn area.   Pre-2017 trail condition reports are outdated in the burn area.

Conditions/Trailmap modes:  for clarity, the "Trail Conditions" map does not include details such as use trails, "lost" trails, use camps, water sources, etc. - but these can be found by switching to the "Big Sur Trailmap" display mode. 

HIDE/SHOW button:  toggles display of the controls, providing more viewing area when desired.  With controls hidden, clicking the map title switches between "Trail Conditions" and "Big Sur Trailmap" modes. 

Full-screen display:   the FullScreenDisplay icon provides a full-screen display for the current location, zoom, and background map.  A direct link to the full-screen version with default location, zoom, and background map is: You can also create a browser bookmark to initially display a full-screen interactive Big Sur Trailmap with customized values for the initial mode, lat/lon, zoom, and control display by right-clicking the desired location and selecting Display Map-Specific Link URL - for details, see link creation

Mobile phone use:  The full-screen version of the trail conditions map provides a better small-screen experience than this map-in-a-window webpage.  Still, this is not a mobile-intended slimmed-down app and its download has much data - so it is susceptible to small-screen limitations and slow display times. 
For a better experience, note the following:

  • "HIDE" button makes more screen area available by hiding the controls - for small screens, the controls should hidden, displayed only when needed

  • Tapping the map, away from a trail or icon, removes any displayed pop-up bubble or highlighting

  • With controls hidden, tapping the map title switches between "Trail Conditions""Big Sur Trailmap" map modes

  • Wait time can be reduced by zooming in, so fewer lines/icons are displayed

If a touchscreen device is detected the following changes occur:

  • Mouse "hover" display of trail names is deactivated

  • Automatically hides controls when pop-up bubble opens

  • Uses larger fonts and buttons, narrower info bubbles

Mobile/Touchscreen display features depend upon user feedback reported to the Trailmap Forum, since I do not own such. 

Subtle features:  

• Entering a lat/lon ala "36.78,-123.45" in the "Search" box will place a magenta marker and center the map at that location

• The lat/lon at any point can be obtained by right-clicking that location and using a popup-menu selection.

• Ruler and lat/lon markers added via the right-click popup-menu can be moved using a mouse drag.

• In "Trail Conditions" mode, the last "highlighted" trail or camp info window displayed, and its highlighing, can be restored via a right-click popup-menu selection. 

• A map-specific URL link (uses current map center, zoom, and mode) which includes a currently displayed magenta trail+camp highlighting and magenta lat/lon marker can be obtained via the right-click-menu - it can be bookmarked for later use or sent to others. 

• A PDF single-page-printable Trailmap 5½x7½ mi section map for the mouse location can be downloaded via its right-click-menu.  More section map information


• Zoom level maximum:  15 for "BaseMap + Wilderness" and "Shaded USGS Quad",   16 for "USGS Quad" and "USGS Quad + Wilderness",   23 for "Satellite"

If you find an error (or for mobile users something needing improvement) you can help improve the map by reporting it:
Jack Glendening
Trailmap Forum