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Based on VWA Trail Reports + private reports
Click on a trail for its conditions summary or to read/submit a VWA trail report
Click also provides "Metrics" tab with trail distances+gain/loss
Note date of latest report - if old, conditions may have changed !
Please contribute by submiting a trail report after your hike

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  Mobile phone users should read its "Mobile Phone Use Info" section for a better experience !  
Jump down to Ratings & General Use Info
  Mobile phone users should read its "Mobile Phone Use Info" section for a better experience !  

Data updated:  Aug 16

Clear - Wilderness Freeway
Passable - Clear
Difficult - Passable
Impassable - Difficult
"Almost Lost" (some tread remains)
Officially Closed
Ratings:  use my distillation of VWA (Ventana Wilderness Alliance) Trail Reports plus private reports, parsing out different ratings for different trail sections - use at your own discretion.  These ratings consider "defined tread" more important than "clear of brush", since knowing where the route lies is more important than the ease of following it.  Clicking on a trail pops up a window giving a summary and date for the latest reports, and a link to the detailed trail reports.  The indicated condition of any trail depends upon the date of its last trail report,.  For "non-green" trails, reading the detailed reports is strongly suggested (recognizing that each might only report on one section of the trail)Note: Red means that hikers are losing the trail or not getting through or getting through only with great difficulty - i.e. there is little or no tread to follow.

Thin lines:  are unrated trails/roads, shown to supply context:  dark green = trail,  dark orange = "use trail",  brown = dirt road,  gray = paved road,  pink = closed trail/road, 

Gold overlay:  Gold overlay indicates wilderness area. 

Search box:  very useful if you are unfamiliar with the area but do know a trail or place name - will show you where that is located

Mode Use Info popup:  displays detailed usage info

Conditions/Trailmap modes:  for clarity, the "Trail Conditions" map does not include less needed details such as "use" camps, "lost" trails, water sources, waterfalls, scenic points, distinction between gated and non-gated roads, etc.  Instead, such information is provided by the more detailed "Big Sur Trailmap" display mode. 

HIDE/SHOW button:  toggles display of the controls, providing more viewing area when desired.  With controls hidden, you can quickly switch between "Trail Conditions" and "Big Sur Trailmap" modes by just clicking the map "title" box . 

Full-screen display:   the FullScreenDisplay icon provides a full-screen display for the current location, zoom, and background map.  For bookmark use, a direct link to the full-screen version is:

Mobile phone use info:  The full-screen version of the trail conditions map provides a much better small-screen experience than this map-in-a-window webpage!  Mobile phone users should read info provided on this webpage once, then use the full-screen webpage for subsequent usage.  (Still, this is not a mobile-intended slimmed-down app and its download has much data - so is susceptible to small-screen limitations and slow display times.)
For a better small-screen experience, note the following:

  • "HIDE" button makes more screen area available by hiding the controls - for small screens, the controls should hidden, displayed only when needed

  • With controls hidden, a map "title" box appears - tapping it will switch between "Trail Conditions""Big Sur Trailmap" map modes

  • Tapping the map, away from a trail or icon, removes any displayed pop-up bubble or highlighting

  • Wait time can be reduced by zooming in, so fewer lines/icons are displayed

If a touchscreen device is detected the following changes occur:

  • Mouse "hover" display of trail names is deactivated

  • Automatically hides controls when pop-up bubble opens

  • Uses larger fonts and buttons, narrower info bubbles

Mobile/Touchscreen display features depend upon user feedback reported to the Trailmap Forum, since I do not own such. 

Hidden features:  

• Popup info bubbles can be closed by clicking on:  the map or a provided bubble link or the bubble's top-right corner "X" or the "Escape" key

• Entering a lat/lon ala "36.78,-123.45" in the "Search" box will place a magenta marker and center the map at that location

Many specialized functions are available using a right-click/long-press on the map:

• Marker displaying the lat/lon at that location (can be moved with a mouse drag)

• Ruler marker(s) displaying distance from the first marker (can be moved with a mouse drag)

• In "Trail Conditions" mode, restoration of last highlighted trail/camp with info window 

• A current-map-specific URL link for bookmarking or sharing (uses current map center, zoom, and mode - includes currently displayed magenta trail/camp highlighting or lat/lon marker) 

• A PDF single-page-printable 5½x7½ mi Trailmap section for downloading  More section map information

Technical details:  

Map Legend

• Map is updated weekly based on latest reports

• You can create a browser bookmark to initially display a full-screen interactive Big Sur Trailmap with customized values for the initial mode, lat/lon, zoom, and control display - right-click/long-press at desired location and select Display Map-Specific Link URL - for details, see link creation

• Zoom level maxima:  15 for "BaseMap + Wilderness" and "Shaded USGS Quad",   16 for "USGS Quad" and "USGS Quad + Wilderness",   23 for "Satellite"

If you find an error (or for mobile users something needing improvement) you can do your bit to help improve the map by reporting it:
Jack Glendening
Trailmap Forum