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State Park Trail Reports

While some state park trails are indeed closed due to difficult or hazardous trail conditions, I've been getting reports that many "closed" state park trails are very hikeable and seem "closed" only for bureaucratic reasons, not for safety reasons.  I note with dismay that many trails closed during the 2016 Soberanes Wildfire, presumeably for precautionary and public safety reasons, have not been re-opened even though the fire never reached those trails Specifically, I've received the following reports:  [To contribute, email me at AddressImage]
Updated:  18 December 2017

Andrew Molera State Park
The 2016 Soberanes Wildfire did not reach any park trail, only the ridge above it.  During winter 2016-2017, overflow from the Big Sur River flooded the Beach, River, and Headlands Trails.

East Molera Trail 
Very Hikeable.  A few minor slides over the trail/fireroad in places.  Follow path already beaten through the grass. 
Hidden Trail 
Very Hikeable;  Much long-term erosion due to steep gradient.
River Trail 
Hikeable, but rock strewn and some erosion. 
Beach Trail 
Not hikeable.  Much erosion and downfall from Big Sur overflow. 

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
The 2016 Soberanes Wildfire burnt over the Valley View, Oak Grove, and Pine Ridge Trails.  During winter 2016-2017, slides heavily damaged the Pine Ridge Trail within the state park.

Valley View Trail 
Mount Manuel Trail 
Very Hikeable.  NO "access prohibited" signs on route to Mount Manual Trail from day-use parking lot.  Reservoir access road provides alternative route. 

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
The 2016 Soberanes Wildfire did not reach any park trail, only the ridge above the park.

Canyon Falls Trail 
Hikeable.  But rough, with obscure tread in several places.
Ewoldsen Loop Trail 
Very Hikeable.  Minor slides and downfall - for the few that require circumvention, follow previous hiker routes.  NO large trees on the trail.  Western half more easily hikeable than eastern half.