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Last update: Nov 28, 2021

Oct.2021:  Many trails burnt by 2020 Dolan wildfire. (Shown in interactive map burn overlay.)  Much burned hot and now un-attractively barren with fallen debris.  "Satellite" background shows current landscape with presence/absence of green.  Paucity of post-fire trail reports there makes Trail Conditions Map unreliable in spots, check trail reports for details. 

Willow Wildfire Post-fire Closure Info

Marble Peak Trail closed between Horse Pasture Trail and South Fork Trail
Camp closures along section:  Tassajara Creek Camp and Willow Springs Camp
Official closure info:
USFS Closure Order
USFS Closure Map
Closure order expires Jan 24, 2022

Dolan Wildfire Post-Fire Closure Info

Post-fire USFS Closures
Nacimiento-Fergusson Road gated from Route 1 east to Nacimiento Campground
South Coast Ridge Road gated from Nacimiento-Fergusson Road south to Prewitt Ridge Road
Chalk Peak Campground closed
Cone Peak Road gated
ArroyoSeco-Indians Road to Esondido Camp gated
Escondido Campground closed
Official closure info:
USFS Closure Order
USFS Closure Map
Closure order valid through April 30, 2022

Post-fire State Parks closures
Canyon Falls and Ewoldsen Loop trails in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park are closed
Limekiln State Park is open for camping - all trails are closed
Official closure info:
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Closures
Limekiln State Park Closures

Full Closure of Los Padres National Forest

Entire USFS National Forest is closed to public
All property, trails, roads, camps, campgrounds, rec areas, etc.,etc.
(Closure applies to essentially all National Forests in California)
USFS Closure Order
Closure order expiry extended - now through September 22, 2021
(Original closure order expiry final day was September 17, 2021)

Long-term "Public Road Closed to Vehicles" Info
(Short-term closures, e.g. due to weather, are not listed)
(Roads normally closed to public are not listed)

Palo Colorado Road is closed beyond "The Hoist"

Complete "Public Road Closed to Vehicles" Info
Montery County Road info
CalTrans State Road Info
(must enter Route number)
Caltrans State Road Closure Map
(must click "Full Closures" on "Road Conditions" tab under ""Quick Map - Options"!)

To view closures on map, (magenta colored)
see interactive Trail Conditions Map

Last update:  Nov 30, 2021

Los Padres Dam Road - north  (partial)
Los Padres Dam Road - south  (partial)
Piney Creek Road

USFS Trails
Marble Peak Trail  (partial)
Santa Lucia Trail  (partial)
Tony Trail

Andrew Molera State Park Trails
Beach Trail
Bluffs Trail  (partial)
Hidden Trail
River Trail
Twin Cottonwoods Trail

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Trails
Oak Grove Trail

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Trails
Campground Access Road
Canyon Falls Trail
Ewoldsen Loop Trail
McWay Waterfall Overlook Trail  (partial)
Overlook Trail
Waters Trail

Limekiln State Park Trails
Alvin Trail
Falls Trail
Hare Creek Trail
Limekiln Trail

Other Trails
Mill Creek Preserve Trail

Chalk Peak Campground
Escondido Campground
Lower Piney Campground
Upper Piney Campground

Tassajara Creek Camp
Willow Spring Camp