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Big Sur Trailmap Section Printing

Many trail/camp locations on USGS/­USFS/­WildernessPress/­NationalGeographic/­Garmin maps of the Big Sur Ventana & Silver Peak Wilderness Areas are incorrect - this single-page-printable version of the on-line Big Sur Trailmap provides accurate trail and camp locations based on local knowledge (mostly GPS'd), and also locally-known "use trails", water sources, waterfalls, and other features in the Ventana and Silver Peak Wilderness areas and in Big Sur state parks. 

To select+download a page-sized printable (PDF) Big Sur Trailmap section
(USGS quadrangle map, scaled at 48K:1, with overlay of trail/camp/etc data - see header image example above)
Left-click on desired location or section ID in selection map below
Sections overlap - section boundary color matches ID color

Alternative:  copy download URL to clipboard
use browser right-click/long-press menu "Copy Link Address/Location"
Alternative:  for the direct URL
replace the below "??" with the map identifier, e.g. "A1"

Alternative:  selection+download via interactive map
Section maps can also be selected+downloaded using the more detailed
Interactive Big Sur Trailmap
by utilizing its right-click/long-press menu

Sample printed map (left) and detail (right)
print map detail   print map detail

These maps are geospatial PDFs, so:
Adobe Reader Measure tool gives lat/lon/distance
Smartphones can use these files in GPS apps such as Avenza Maps
but larger PDFs more suitable for viewing are found at
Big Sur Trailmap Geospatial PDF maps

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Technical notes:
Maps are updated weekly:  Updated Nov 20
To minimize the maps needed for a hike, the printed map scale is 48K:1, not the usual 24K:1 quadrangle map scale.
(For comparison, Wilderness Press and National Geographic Big Sur maps use scales of 65K:1 and 80K:1)
dots mark intersections with mileages between them printed near their mid-point (if greater than 0.2 mi)
icons mark stream crossings on trails which cross the same stream multiple times (e.g., the Carmel River Trail crosses the Carmel River 27 times), since knowing whether the next crossing is near can be useful.  But the icon must be small since if larger would show only a single icon at close-together crossings, negating their usefulness - so the icons can be hard to see at the printed-map scale. 

Note scroll bars for moving map (since mouse click can download a map)