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Link Creation - Big Sur Trailmap

You can create a link which initially displays the interactive Big Sur Trailmap with customized values for the initial mode, lat/lon, zoom, and control display.  All browsers allow editing of bookmarks, using a bookmark manager, so you can create/alter the bookmark kept in your browser with your own customized values to display the Interactive Big Sur Trailmap as you like best.

An example of a complete link, with all values being customized, is:,-121.5&zoom=12&control=0

which initially displays in Big Sur Trailmap mode [use mode=trailconditions to display in Trail Conditions mode instead] with map initially centered at lat/lon 36.0,-121.5 at zoom level 12 (instead of the default "10") and controls not displayed [use &control=1 to initially display them].  Exclusion of any parameter results in the default value being used.  Note that the first parameter must be preceded by a "?" character whereas all subsequent parameters are preceded by a "&" character. 

An easy way to determine your desired lat,lon and zoom values is to first position/zoom the map as desired, then right-click/long-press on the map and select the the "Display Map-Specific Link URL" menu item to display its maps-specific URL link, which you can then copy.