Big Sur River Conditions

Measuring Gauge Flow on May. 30 at 4:00 AM =  67 cfps 
Upstream Big Sur River crossings reportedly difficult with flow above 100 cfps
and potentially hazardous with flow above 200 cfps

Your capabilities must determine whether a crossing is attempted !
These reports from hikers of varying capability are only planning guidelines.

Help others in the hiking community by reporting your experience,
submitting a VWA Trail Report or Big Sur Trailmap forum post.
(Not limited to Big Sur River reports, since other streams change similarly.)
Big Sur River
350 cfsWaist deep at Barlow Flat Camp crossingMar.9,2024
~~270 cfsWaist deep at Sykes Camp crossingFeb.27,2024
215 cfsMid-thigh at Barlow Flat Camp western crossing, trickyMar.16,2024
215 cfsKnee deep at Barlow Flat Camp eastern crossing, easierMar.16,2024
190 cfsKnee to mid-thigh at Barlow Flat Camp crossingFeb.16,2024
180 cfsWaist deep at Sykes Camp crossingMar.23,2024
160 cfsKnee deep at Barlow Flat Camp crossingMar.26,2024
160 cfsWaist deep at Sykes Camp crossingMar.26,2024
South Fork - Big Sur River
>500-600 cfsHazardousExperience
Leor Pantilat
>350 cfsDifficultExperience
Leor Pantilat
215 cfsShin to Knee deep at South Fork Trail crossings, not difficultMar.16,2024
Scott Frake
Tassajara Creek Mar.21,2024 Thigh Deep at Tony Trail Crossing BSR=160cfs ASR=205cfs Arroyo Seco River [Arroyo Seco Trail] 4/21/2024 - Rangers (Lynn) decided not to cross - BSRiver~220 GreenBridge~290 Lockwood~150 Carmel River [Carmel River Trail] 3/31/2024 - Alan Harder "ater was too high/fast at the first crossing past Carmel River Camp" [] 4/28/2024 - Alan Harder "challenging but doable" to Hiding Camp [] --> Will add more if data becomes available

Measuring Gauge Flow for last 14 days
(note non-linear vertical scale)
Measuring Gauge Location
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Jack Glendening (credit:p.danielson)
 Jack Glendening