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Rattlesnake Creek Camp Register

From 2010 to 2015 a register was left at Rattlesnake Camp along historic Rattlesnake Creek Trail (one of the first earliest trails in the National Forest) to hear of those who made it to that lonely camp and learn their stories.  The register was apparently destoyed by a bear sometime after the Soberanes 2016 wildfire (metal ammo can torn apart, only bashed in bottom remaining) and since the historic trail marked long ago by H.J. McCracken is largely lost, the register was never replaced.  The pages shed some light on those who were drawn to, or in some cases stumbled into, historic Rattlesnake Camp during that time.  [The first cut-out pages are a consequence of rain getting into the first register, necessitating its pages being dried and placed into a new register.]

Page 1
Register - page 1
Page 2
Register - page 2
Page 3
Register - page 3
Page 4
Register - page 4
Page 5
Register - page 5
Page 6
Register - page 6
Page 7
Register - page 7
Page 8
Register - page 8
Page 9
Register - page 9
Page 10
Register - page 10
Page 11
Register - page 11
Page 12
Register - page 12
Page 13
Register - page 13