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Elk Camp

Baldwin Ranch Road (dirt), Elk Camp Trail

Round Trip: 17 miles, 4900 ft.gain

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  Attractions are coastal and inland views from coastal ridgeline and large grassy meadows - plus solitude and adventure. 

  Elk Camp or dispersed camping.  Perennial creek at Elk Camp. 
For additional water information check individual camp descriptions on interactive map.
  72 hour parking allowed along CA Route 1 at trialhead. 

This route is for backpackers seeking adventure and solitude.  Elk Camp Trail follows a track used by early homesteaders - and in places marked by blazes they cut from horseback.  But it is now seldom used, hence from San Carpoforo Camp there is little tread so essentially a bushwhack, especially through the large grassy meadows.  It requires experience in wilderness off-trail route finding using a map or GPS with a correct route.  The region is open, so brushiness is not a problem - but finding where to leave the meadows is a problem!  For detailed route description info, read the Elk Camp Trail Reports
Caveat: I've heard cattle are occasionally driven to the nearby meadow - in which case cattle tracks will mark the route.

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