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Carmel River Trail to Hiding Canyon Camp

Round Trip: 8 miles to Bluff Camps, 9 miles to Carmel River Camps, 11 miles to Sulphur Spring Camp, 14 miles to Buckskin Flat Camp, 18 miles to Hiding Canyon Camp,
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  Attractions are narrow, wooded river canyon with rock outcroppings.  Bluff Camp relatively popular, Hiding Canyon Camp is secluded. 

  Variety of camps along river, dispersed camping also possible.  Perennial water from Carmel River.

  No parking limit at Los Padres Dam parking lot. 

  • Numerous river crossings (27 to Hiding Canyon Camp), may not be marked - can be impassable after heavy winter rains. 
• No river crossings needed for "Bluff Camp - West".

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