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Black Cone Trail via Arroyo Seco Recreation Area 

Marble Peak Trail, Horse Pasture Trail, Church Creek Trail, Pine Ridge Trail, Black Cone Trail, Marble Peak Trail, back to start

Round Trip: 38 miles
Route metrics & trail conditions 

  Attractions are narrow riparian canyons, ridgetops with views, large meadowed valleys, creeks, and rocky outcrops.  Seldom visited (and a bit brushy) Black Cone Trail gives expansive views of upper Big Sur River. 

  Variety of camps (and use camps) along creeks and in meadows.  Dispersed camping also possible.  For water information check individual camp descriptions on interactive map.

  Parking at Arroyo Seco Recreation Area is $10/day. 

  • Expect significant brushy patchs on Black Cone Trail - best done with GPS track to avoid need to search for trail - for current conditions see Big Sur Trail Conditions Map
Sadly, conditions have continued to deterorate along the Black Cone Trail - now only for the hardy (and GPS recommended)
• Crossing of Tassajara Creek can be impassable after heavy winter rains. 
• Best done counter-clockwise so going downhill through brush on Black Cone Trail. 

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