Paul surveys the Ventana wilderness from Black Butte

In Memoriam
Paul Danielson logo

A Ventana legend - hiker of every Ventana trail (and trails now lost)

A finder of "Lost Camps" and font of Ventana knowledge

A kind and good and optimistic man, so helpful to others

My friend and companion for 60+ hikes and 600+ trail miles

Now missed by many

But his knowledge passes on through Big Sur Trailmap

And he is not forgotten


Remembering Paul Danielson
by Jack Glendening
VWA Wilderness Watch - Spring 2016

A Hiking Legacy
by Emma Hiolski
Monterey Herald - October 24, 2016

Ventana Trails Forever Plaque
The hiking legacy at Big Sur Station

Lost Camps of the Ventana
Paul's labor of love
Lost Camps of the Ventana book cover

Paul in his element - overgrown Mt. Manuel Trail
B. Siedoff - January 2013  

Paul and I share a story at "virtually lost" Launtz Creek Camp
M. Ferdin - January 2013  

Paul in his element - overseeing Arroyo Seco
J. Glendening - March 2010  

The Reverend Paul Danielson
J. Glendening - March 2010  

In Remembrance
J. Glendening - May 2017  

2016 postscript - a poignant find

In June 2016 I went out to continue flagging the route to Vado Camp along the currently "lost" Mt. Manuel Trail.  While at Launtz Creek Camp I idly lifted up the hinged metal plate atop the USFS grate there - and was greatly surprised to find this under it
Paul Danielson VTF Card - March 30, 2012

I'd completely forgotten that when Paul and I first bushwhacked to that camp back in March 2012, trying to find remaining traces of the Mt. Manuel Trail, he had taken out a "Ventana Trails Forever" campaign card he carried, added "+ Jack Glendening" with the date, and placed it under the plate as a celebratory token, since our first attempt had been unsuccessful. 

I left it there to continue to deteriorate.  Some footprints we make last longer than others. 

2017 postscript - another poignant find

Photo taken October 2011 Paul Danielson at Round Rock Camp - 2011

  Jack Glendening
  Big Sur Trailmap