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No-Fires Camping

When "Extreme-Danger" fire restrictions are in effect, stoves and fires are not allowed in the backcountry.  What to eat?  Here are some ideas ...

Cold Food:

     • Chips
     • Chocolate
     • Cookies
     • Energy Bars
     • Cereal Bars
     • Fruits
     • Dried Fruit
     • Nuts
     • Cheese - hard cheeses last longer
     • Crackers and ...
     • Jerky
     • Prepared meats - salami, tuna, sausages, spam, smoked salmon, ...
     • Precooked meats - chicken, tinned hot dogs, ...

     • Granola/cereal & milk
     • Pancakes (pre-made)
     • Yogurt
     • Sandwiches - Peanut butter, jelly, banana, tuna, ...
     • Bagel sandwich - bagels last longer than bread
     • Pasta
     • Cheese Board
     • Salad - add meat, cheese, pasta, etc
     • Mexican Combo - chips, wraps, bean dip, guacamole, salsa, ...

An example of no-cooking food use

Hot Food:

Meals Ready to Eath (MRE)   (usually heaters not included, need to be purchased separately)
     • BePrepared   (Small orders possible)
     • Ready Store   (Small orders possible, free shipping but higher prices)
     • Google shopping

Beverage Bags   (for beverage powders, heater not included - alternatively, put powder+water in previously-used heater pouch, fold and heat ala an MRE)
     • The Epicenter
     • MRE Depot

Others ?
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