Gmap4 status

Prior to July 15, I used the "Gmap4" website to display Big Sur Trailmap quadrangle maps.  But Google is now seeking to monteize GoogleMaps use, so the Gmap4 website had to convert to open-source "free" map software.  Big Sur Trailmap cannot utilize the new Gmap4 website due to lack of needed parameters - it only supports fire maps.  So I am instead displaying the "Trailmap" mode of the interactive Big Sur Trailmap.  Clicking on the "Show" button will display the legend and additional selections such as alternate background maps (and re-clicking it will "Hide" them again)

I believe Gmap4's creator, Joseph Elfelt, intends to add those parameters in later developments and I will then switch back to Gmap4. 

For further information, see Gmap4 Will Stop Working ...

FYI GoogleMaps still provides "free" usage for low volume sites such as Big Sur Trailmap, so I will contine to use GoogleMaps.  But should that quota later be revoked, I would be in the same situation as Joseph and also be forced to convert, since I also get no income from this website. 

Jack Glendening