Link Creation - Big Sur Trailmap

You can create a link which initially displays the interactive Big Sur Trailmap with customized values for the initial mode, lat/lon, zoom, and control display.  All browsers allow editing of bookmarks, using a bookmark manager, so you can create/alter the bookmark kept in your browser with your own customized values to display the Interactive Big Sur Trailmap as you like best.

An example of a complete link, with all values being customized, is:,-121.5&zoom=12&control=0

which initially displays in Big Sur Trailmap mode (instead of the default "conditions" for Trail Conditions) with map initially centered at lat/lon 36.0,-121.5 at zoom level 12 (instead of the default "10") and controls not displayed.  Exclusion of any parameter results in the default value being used.  Note that the first parameter must be preceeded by a "?" character whereas all subsequent parameters are preceeded by a "&" character. 

An easy way to determine your desired latlon and zoom values is to first position/zoom the map as desired, then right-click on the map and select the the "Display Map-Specific Link URL" menu item to display its maps-specific URL link, which you can then copy.