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Big Sur Ventana/SilverPeak Trailmap Printing

Many trail/camp locations on USGS/USFS/WildernessPress/NationalGeographic/Garmin maps of the Big Sur Ventana & Silver Peak Wilderness Areas are incorrect - this single-page-printable version of the on-line Big Sur Trailmap provides accurate trail and camp locations based on local knowledge (mostly GPS'd), and also locally-known "use trails", water sources, waterfalls, and other features in the Ventana and Silver Peak Wilderness areas and in Big Sur state parks. 

To select+download a page-sized printable (geospatial PDF) section of the Big Sur Trailmap
(USGS quadrangle map, scaled at 48k:1, with overlay of trail/camp/etc data - see header image example above)
Left-click on desired location or section ID in selection map below
Sections overlap - section boundary color matches ID color

Alternative:  selection+download via interactive map
Section maps can also be selected+downloaded using the more detailed
Interactive Big Sur Trailmap
by utilizing its mouse right-click-menu

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Technical notes:
Maps are updated weekly
Blue-on-white dots mark intersections with mileages between them printed near their mid-point (if greater than 0.2 mi) 
To reduce the number of maps needed for a hike, the printed map scale is 48k:1, not the usual 24k:1 quadrangle map scale.
(For comparison, Wilderness Press and National Geographic Big Sur maps use scales of 65k:1 and 80k:1.)
These maps are geospatial PDFs, so:
smartphones can use Avenza PDF Maps app
Adobe Reader Measure tool gives lat/lon/distance